A Timely Fathers Day Reminder

A Timely Fathers Day Reminder The newest billionaire to be trumpeted by Ford magazine is Jay-Z, the rapper whose wealth has been generated from many creative ventures and prudent investments. The vast majority will gladly join the bandwagon to sing his praises and applaud this rare achievement. But there are…

A Timely Fathers Day Reminder
Dad is the best playmate!

Reaffirming Marriage in Today’s Divorce Culture

The often cringeworthy reports of celebrity divorces being played out in acrimonious detail on the home pages of mainstream news media, does not do marriage any favours. On a sub-conscious level, the unsuspecting public may silently swear off embarking on such a risky venture, or see it as merely a…

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Rethinking Legacy

The word ‘legacy’ brings to mind the monetary and material gifts which testators normally leave behind to their chosen beneficiaries in their wills. It rarely occurs to us that a more meaningful legacy consists of the intangible gifts or footprints of the soul which are often etched for a lifetime…

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Marriage: for better or worse

Restoring God’s Blueprint for Marriage: for better or for worse… We are living in fickle times where fidelity in the broad sense of the word is no longer viewed as the essential component of marriage. Although serial monogamy has become the norm, it is still not the ideal most couples…