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Culture Detox – cleansing our minds from toxic thinking

Celebrity culture has burgeoned to almost breaking point, threatening to hijack our minds to absorption with the trivial and the pointless.

How did we get to a point when we know more about a celebrity than our own grandmother?

World events of great significance have been relegated to fine print to make room for scandal-mongering headlines. Consumers of news struggle to discern between relevant news and celebrity gossip and speculation. As a result, the media have whet the public appetite for non-stop entertainment and a desire for fame.

In her book, Culture Detox, Dr. Carla Cornelius urges us to step aside from this cultural madness, long enough to recognise it for the hollow, distorted reality that it is. Unfortunately a simple sip of green tea will not suffice to rid our minds of the toxic thinking to which we have become addicted. Carla examines the roots of our cultural malaise and offers us guidelines on de-junking our minds from the false values of our modern age.

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Captive Daughters – breaking the chains

At a time when so many advocates and activists are lobbying for the enforcement of women’s rights and trying to improve their socio-economic status across the globe, it would be all too easy for the emotional and spiritual needs of women to be side-lined. Despite the modern woman’s political and educational gains, she still battles certain life-limiting tendencies. Many women are still captive to:
The beauty myth which stems from the misconception that improving their appearance will transform their lives from the outside in, or the belief that their value is determined by how they look.
Choosing inappropriate female role models usually from the glossy industries of entertainment and fashion where style is valued over substance.
Romantic delusions spun by the Hollywood industry where the focus is on ‘boy meets girl’ then they live happily ever after with no real understanding of what it takes to stay married.
Trying frenetically to juggle the myriad roles they undertake while still finding time to nurture their own souls and maintain physical health and well-being.
These are some of the major challenges women face which represent chains which hold them captive. These chains can only be broken by having the courage to tackle long-held mind-sets and savouring the freedom only to be found in truth-centred thinking

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Leaving Normal – the journey of a mother and son with autism

This book charts one mother’s story so far in her efforts to help her son overcome his medical condition, how she coped with her son’s difficult diagnosis and faced the never-ending challenges of his living and learning in residential schools. On the way, she learned to embrace her son and his condition as a blessing, and came to terms with ‘leaving normal’. It will appeal to those who care for others in a career, personal or voluntary capacity, or who through disability, struggle to fit into society’s stereotype of what ‘normal’ means. 

The author, Carla, was a full-time carer to her son, Fela, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. After his acceptance into a specialist residential school for autism at nine years of age, Carla has been able to pursue her multiple interests. She completed her doctorate in Biblical Counselling and Methodist Lay-preacher accreditation. On her road to restoration, God surprised her with the perfect husband and soul-mate, Michael. They now run a publishing business and host a weekly Bible-based house group. She credits her son with teaching her what love really means and forging a deep-seated compassion for carers from all walks of life.

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No Way Out – keys to avoiding suicide

No Way Out’ is a psycho-spiritual appeal to hurting humanity in the hopes of preventing tragic deaths by suicide. It speaks directly to the hearts of the individuals who are ultimately in charge of their own lives and have the power to decide whether to live or die. It makes a compassionate appeal to those individuals to choose life whilst providing soul-searching keys to breaking free from suicidal tendencies.

Through a mix of study and reflective exercises the reader is guided to finding this capacity to take charge of their own lives. 

It makes an ideal, anonymous gift to someone you suspect may be depressed or suicidal since the subject of suicide is still a difficult one to broach. By so doing, you can intervene without invading privacy or causing further distress.

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