Jesus vs Santa

With Christmas on the horizon, children across the world are in a heightened state of anticipation over two central characters. Whether Jesus or Santa Claus has the pride of place in their hearts and homes, depends on what they have been taught and the traditions they have practised since birth.…

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It’s A Wonderful Life

At this season of festivity and sentimentality, it’s easy to forget that there are those who struggle emotionally and financially around Christmas. This film reminds us that despite the tragedies and broken dreams that life invariably dishes out, it’s still a wonderful life. We all can do with a change…

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Reclaiming Reality

Keeping It Real: Reclaiming Reality in 2019 As smart technologies and media platforms continue to proliferate, it is becoming increasingly difficulty to differentiate truth and reality from the fictional and fake. As 2018 draws to a rapid close, an analysis of how the culture has re-defined reality seems fitting. ‘Reality’…

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