Fixating on Fairytales

"For a celebrity to be alone seems a grave injustice to the fans because we want their lives to be a fairytale - scripted like a hallmark romance. ..For actors and performers in general, we forget that they only play fictional roles but that most of their lives are lived off camera where they too must wrestle with demons, overcome heartache and heartbreak and deal with all the challenges of being a human being."[Culture Detox 2: Celebrating Self Not Celebrity, p. 52]

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When Icons Die

We live in a strange world where we form strong emotional connections with people we have never met in person. These notables are tagged with the label of ‘celebrities’ and the media puts them on pedestals. They become part of the cultural ‘furniture' such that when they are gone, the…

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The Best Use of the Human Body

Mental Health Awareness Week in UK ran from 13 – 19 May this year, and the focus was on body image []. According to research by the Mental Health Foundation which spearheaded this awareness-raising initiative in 2001, “one in five of the 4,505 adults surveyed (20 per cent) felt shame…

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The Best Use of the Human Body
To be alive is to create

Nudity in the Public Domain

The American actress, Jessica Biel, gave voice to a view which many women probably wish they had the courage to share. Speaking of her fashion choices when she was younger, she stated, “I wish I would’ve explored some different shapes, and not gone sexy all the time…I think if you…

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How Reality TV Messes with our Take on Reality

A huge stride forward was made in the fight against the body shaming trend which has come to dominate our image-obsessed popular culture. It was because one woman, using her celebrity influence, recently dared to speak out. American singer, Demi Lovato, responded to a journalist’s online comments that she had…

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Reaffirming Marriage in Today’s Divorce Culture

The often cringeworthy reports of celebrity divorces being played out in acrimonious detail on the home pages of mainstream news media, does not do marriage any favours. On a sub-conscious level, the unsuspecting public may silently swear off embarking on such a risky venture, or see it as merely a…

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Rethinking Legacy

The word ‘legacy’ brings to mind the monetary and material gifts which testators normally leave behind to their chosen beneficiaries in their wills. It rarely occurs to us that a more meaningful legacy consists of the intangible gifts or footprints of the soul which are often etched for a lifetime…

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